We provide Dutch private lessons for adults through Skype. During our lessons we use authentic teaching materials such as short notes, magazines, songs, advertising materials, etc. The student learns the Dutch language as it is spoken and used. The lessons are diverse and lively, the students learn to use the Dutch language in a playful manner.

During the lessons we highlight current events in the Netherlands, Dutch culture and all the things you need to be aware of if you want to live in the Netherlands. Using the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. 

This way, if necessary, we prepare for the state exam NT2 I and NT2 II.

We offer Dutch as a foreign language (NT2) for adults at all levels (A1 to B2) , with preparation for the integration exam or the state exam. Beginners use the book: The prelude to NT2 level A1 to A2.

Different levels and books:

  • De Sprong for NT2- Level A2 to B1

  • Vooruit voorbereiding op het staatsexamen NT2 I (preparations for the state exam).

  • De Finale voorbereiding op het staatsexamen NT2 II (preparations for the state exam).


Lessons are provided seven days a week from all over the world. In consultation with the teacher, a fixed day and time will be agreed. 

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