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The school year for the students of World Wide Juf is different for every student. This is because students of World Wide Juf live all over the world and therefore have different school holidays.The goal of our NTC-online education is to connect to the Dutch education in the Netherlands. We focus on working towards the core objectives as formulated for the skills of the Dutch language.World Wide Juf distinguishes itself by offering high quality online private lessons, through audio-visual media. Our motivation is to have a positive interaction with the students and we want the students to feel safe and at ease with their teacher.
Our students have a pleasant time during the lessons and learn a lot. We see it as our mission to get the best out of the students, where every student can develop optimally in the Dutch language. We mainly focus on students in primary education. In addition, students in secondary education are also welcome.


School Year 2023-2024 will start Monday August 21th

World Wide Juf has two fixed vacation periods and two weeks of vacation that differs by teacher. No lessons will be given during these weeks. 


  • Two weeks of Christmas vacation.  

  • Six weeks of summer vacation. This means for summer 2023 Saturday, July 10th until Sunday, August 19th.

The remaining two weeks are decided by the student’s parents. The remaining two weeks of vacation are discussed well upfront with the teacher so they can plan their lessons accordingly.  The teachers of World Wide Juf will try to take their vacations during the fixed 8 vacation weeks as much as possible. However, it can be that a teacher will take some vacation outside of these fixed weeks. The teacher will always notify the parents in time, when this is the case. The lessons will be rescheduled at a different time. In case of illness or long-term leave, your son or daughter will be assigned a different teacher during this (temporary) period. This will always be in consultation with the parents and will be done by a certified teacher.

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