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World Wide Juf offers one on one education through audio-visual media for Dutch and Flemish children residing abroad. We strive to ensure that all students can smoothly return to the Dutch education when they return to the Netherlands and Flanders. All lessons are private lessons and are of high quality, provided by qualified teachers. Our NTC online education has the objective to connect with the education in the Netherlands. We focus on working towards the core objectives as formulated by the Foundation Curriculum Development (leerplanontwikkeling SLO) for the skills of the Dutch language. 

We see it as our mission to get the best out of the students, where every student can develop optimally in the Dutch language. World Wide Juf consists of a strong educational team that has found each other in professionalism, passion and pleasure in teaching. Important motives are positive interaction with students and to involve students in their own educational development.


World Wide Juf strives to optimize the quality of education which is constantly evolving and in improving the functioning of the organization. All students receive customized private lessons so every student can benefit optimally from our education. We offer the children the curriculum that has been set by the Curriculum Development Foundation (SLO) in the core objectives of Dutch education. We focus on ensuring that all students perform at or above the national average. For students who can’t achieve this goal, we set up a personal learning curve that is tailored to the possibilities of these individual children. For students who have more to offer, we offer additional material at a more challenging level. During the lessons efficient use is made of the time, goal-oriented work and 21st century skills are used. From the third year of secondary education, the students choose an exam direction under the guidance of World Wide Juf.

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