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 Package NT2 & CNAVT




Half a year package

NT2 lessons

19 lessons of 60 minutes

including materials,  exclusive
taking the CNaVT exam*

€ 1435,00

Year package NT2 lessons

38 lessons of 60 minutes

including materials and taking the CNaVT exam

€ 3015,00

Flex card with 5 lessons

5 private lessons a 60 minutes

Click at the link for more information about the flex card

€ 380,00

Flex card with 10 lessons

10 private lessons a 60 minutes 

Click at the link for more information about the flex card

€ 760,00






The prices are an indication for the exams in 2024.
Prices may change slightly per exam location

Maatschappelijk informeel

2,5 hours

This exam is for children (16+) or adults (18+) who would like to participate in informal, everyday situations.

This exam consists of situations related to personal topics, such as reading personal messages, extracting information from a folder, explaining personal interests.


Maatschappelijk formeel

3 hours

This exam is for children (16+) or adults (18+) who want to function independently in more formal contexts in Dutch or Flemish society.


This exam consists of public life situations such as understanding instructions, reading official correspondence, completing a form, making a formal request, asking for information, and so on.


Educatief Startbekwaam

4 hours

This exam is for highly educated adults (18+) or children (16+) at the end of secondary education abroad who are starting a study at a Flemish or Dutch college or university.

 This exam consists of tasks from higher education, such as summarizing a lecture, formulating your own point of view, writing an argumentative letter, presenting and so on.


Educatief Professioneel

4,5 hours

This exam is for highly educated adults (18+) who want to function in a challenging knowledge or communication-oriented job:

• in higher education, as a teacher of Dutch as a foreign language in your own country or as a researcher in a Dutch-speaking academic context;

• as a teacher in Flemish or Dutch primary or secondary education;

• as an employee in a professional organisation or business environment that requires an advanced knowledge of Dutch for business communication.



The costs for the exams include:

• Request for an exam in Leuven.

• Part A  listening and writing, together in a classroom;

• Part B reading and writing, together in a classroom;

• Part C reading and oral interaction, individually with     


• Shipping costs by courier;

• Rent location, coffee and tea.


We offer exam supervision for the CNaVT exams. Prior to the supervision, a scaling-up lesson / entry test is taken, the costs for this are € 61. 

The candidates receive a questionnaire that must be completed in advance. We mainly look at the vision of the CNaVT, the functional approach, what does the candidate want to do with the diploma. This way we can see which level best suits the candidate. 


For World Wide Juf students with a year package there are no costs associated with the CNaVT exam, they can take their exam from their annual package. 

* Students with half a year package receive € 100,00 discount on the CNaVT exam.

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